I would say I’m at a very poor point in my life.

A constant reminder of how lonely I actually am; the company of those I do not care for, and all those who are unable to understand me.

people dont hope for things because they don’t want to be disappointed in the end.

it hurts knowing that the person you care about and love doesnt give two shits about your feelings.

i wonder how you sleep at night knowing i’m up crying.

the funny thing is, i think i’m fine while im at work, and then i go home and i realize the truth, that everything isn’t okay, and that there’s a million things wrong with me.

The clock with no hands of time represents what I strive for my work and I to be - timeless 
the anatomical heart represents my heart. I have it in my head that if I work hard enough I can be timeless.
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Girls… I swear..
1st Oct 201406:55

You were right.
but i like it here. its dark. its cold.
its my.. comfort zone.

i know i’m doing this to myself.
i know i’m feeding into it.
i know you’d be mad.

but i don’t care.
because i like it here.

the emptiness is soothing.
the tears are refreshing.
the pain is familiar.

i’m sorry.
but. i. just. can’t. leave.
i. don’t. want. to.
not this time.

Wall is Life

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Philadelphia Art Museum 

Opaque  by  andbamnan