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Such a simple question for many of you to answer.
Am I a friend to you? Am I an acquaintance? Am I a brother to you? Am I
your boyfriend? Am I your best friend?

I’m asking all of you this. I really want to know
this from everyone at the moment right now. Just a thought that has
been pondering on my mind before I go.

I just remembered

my dream last night.

and as weird and ridiculous and completely impossible it all was..

i find myself coming back to it. wishing that maybe it could actually happen.

that maybe one day ill be free enough to do that..

but instead, you would be coming with me.

i cant believe the pain i felt when i left you.

whats even more strange.. is that i still feel it.

Am I a kpop star yet? #conceptvideotodaynow

im starting to remember

all the things i used to love.

all the things i wanted to do.

all the things i wanted to be.

im starting to feel again.

im starting to remember.

Why is it necessary to walk away when someone does you wrong?

I believe in forgiveness. Then again, to forgive is easy. Forgetting is the hard part. But forgetting doesn’t mean being something like tabula rasa. Blank slate. So many people assume that to take away the pain, that we must completely start over. But to me, that doesn’t sound good enough. To me, that’s being a coward.

When someone ends up hurting you, have you ever thought of how it might have hurt them? Really. If you look past all that grudge, do you see how it hurts them too?

I see mistakes as progress reports. A record of how much they’ve grown. I don’t judge on past wrongdoings. I listen to good intentions.

I’m not telling everyone to stick around those who continually hurt them but I’m asking everyone to reconsider how they deal with others.

I honestly could have walked away from so many people.

“My other friends keep telling me to walk away. I don’t know why I’m still here,” I told someone who’s hurt me countless times.

“I don’t care what your other friends say. Is it a bad thing for you to be a friend and stick with me? Do you want to walk away?”

I figure that had I walked away then, that I could’ve lost someone so dear to me. I would feel like I betrayed them by walking away. What’s a bit of sucking up, when it’s not killing me?

Know your limits but at the same time, don’t be so selfish.

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The conversations we have with my mom.. @Ivan

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