You were right.
but i like it here. its dark. its cold.
its my.. comfort zone.

i know i’m doing this to myself.
i know i’m feeding into it.
i know you’d be mad.

but i don’t care.
because i like it here.

the emptiness is soothing.
the tears are refreshing.
the pain is familiar.

i’m sorry.
but. i. just. can’t. leave.
i. don’t. want. to.
not this time.

Wall is Life

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Philadelphia Art Museum 

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you’re hurting me and you don’t even know it.

Time and Space

With time
those feelings grow to fill in that space
and even beyond it
But sometimes…
it occupies that space in the most wasteful way…

time is the essence of-
the time we spend together
the life we make together
it ticks
it tocks
as each hand surpasses the other
and when the hour striks the hour
and the minute strikes that hour
that is the time when
your hand touches mine
that time when i take that step to try
and we try and we try
as time passes by
to make this thing work
to diminish this hurt

this pain

this love and bitterness constructed with so much … so much…

so much…

because of time.

because time drags it along .
time builds up memories
time creates loves arch enemy-
hate - loves to follow time
and time just keeps on ticking
keeps on thinking that with time
things will get better

and with time- things will manage
things will bare
things will be just
and whats just will be here
But its not here.
Its somewhere over there
And we keep waiting for it to come
As the hour hits the hour and the minute hits the hour
And all we do is stand
Glaring at the hands
Wondering when this life of controversy will just give in
in time of dispair.

Because i’m dying inside
im crying inside
I can no longer speak up
because i’m trying to fight the fight inside.
im trying and trying
but i cant find the light inside
Because it’s dark and its dark and i cant see a thing
Its dark- youre not here- guiding me through this sin
this sin that is yours and not only mine
the sin thats crept up to this darkness -a crime.

and I stand inside, alone in the dark. waiting for
the minute to strike that one hour
and the hour to strike the hour
but the clock never strikes.
The time has stopped.
where do i go
when no light has come on? 

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Opaque  by  andbamnan